solarbet VIP

Our loyal players will enjoy exclusive perks from our
VIP - special bonuses, promotions, gifts and more.

Maintaining Turnover None
Upgrade Turnover Requirement Basic

Promotions & Bonuses
Special Monthly Reload Bonus
Sports Rebate 0.15%
Live Casino Rebate 0.15%
Slot Games Rebate 0.30%
4D/Keno Rebate 0.20%
Milestone Rewards
VIP Upgrade Bonus 0
Anniversay Bonus $100
Birthday Bonus $100
Exclusive Access
Maximum Daily Withrawal $10,000/1x
Priority Deposit & Withdrawal ✔︎
VIP Exclusive Bonuses & Promotions
Dedicated VIP Manager
Terms & Conditions
  1. This VIP Program is exclusively for registered members of Solarbet.
  2. Players will be notified by our VIP Team when they are upgraded to the next VIP level.
  3. Upgrade Bonus can be received every time the player is promoted.
  4. A player can only be upgraded once a month and one level at a time.
  5. Turnover calculation is from the 1st of each month to the 30th or 31st day, whichever is the last day of the month.
  6. The new VIP level will take effect on the following month after reaching the requirement.
  7. A player may be downgraded by one level if he doesn’t reach the maintaining turnover in 2 months.
  8. Reload Bonus
    - Monthly Reload Bonuses can only be claimed once a month.
  9. Rebates
    - Rebates will be issued on a daily basis at around 5PM, by default. However, players can choose to have their rebates issued on a weekly basis every Monday at around 5PM. Players are to notify CS of their preferred option.
    - Rebates are not subject to any wagering requirement and can be withdrawn straight away upon issuance on the players' accounts.
    - Draw bets are excluded from turnover calculations for Rebates.
  10. Birthday and Anniversary Bonus
    - Players must have an accumulated deposit of $2,000 in the last 2 months to be eligible for the birthday and anniversary bonuses.
    - Anniversary Bonus may be claimed at any day of the player’s registration month.
    - Birthday Bonus will be given on the player’s birth month. Identification card must be presented by the member for verification.
  11. Draw bets are not counted towards the turnover.
  12. Player can withdraw up to 50k per transaction depending on VIP Level. Daily withdrawal transaction limit depends upon the VIP Level as well.
  13. Any attempt to abuse the VIP Program will result in termination of membership and forfeiture of all accrued rewards.
  14. Solarbet reserves the right to terminate or amend any VIP Club membership and privileges at our sole discretion.
  15. General Solarbet Terms & Conditions apply.